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Too good

Nice Class

The lessons were intresting and the teachers are very friendly overall the experience were very good...

Had a great experience in learning python. The teaching was good,understandable and practical related.

Friendly and experience teachers.

It is really a nice platform to our students to get an opportunity to get global certifications like Microsoft, Adobe, HP. Not only Engineering students but also other non technical students can take Diploma courses from Tech Savvy Eduventures.

I am very happy with the training that I have taken on Microsoft Office Specialist program where the trainer gives his best to clear my doubts in a very friendly way. I suggest others too to join this institute.

The trainers have adequate knowledge of the topics and give proper time to the students

Had a great learning experience

Good teaching skills amd friendly teachers helps us to learn in a better way.

Techsavy Eduventures is one of the best training center in North East Region. Today we have completed our course and I am very satisfied by the way the experts taught us. Their teaching style is very unique and interesting. At the same time we can learn both theory as well as practical. Even they provide all the software packages required for the particular course. I would like to come again for another course .Thank you so much.

Here the Quality of training is so good even a begineer can lead the balance in different domains, management support is good here and also can earn great opportunity in different prospects... Techsavvy provides indepth training on the most market demanding courses like AI,Machine learning, Deep learning,Blockchain and so on which niether institute in north east will provide

Best insitute in northeast ,which provide quality training on latest trending technology like machine learning ,ethical hacking and AI ,their main focus to make u more productive ,by focusing on 70%practicel training and 30% theory ,u must join for ur better future,i assure u won't regret after joining, gd lck for a better future.

Very good experience with tech savvy

From the very first day till date it has been a wonderful experience for me to build up my career. I always wanted to learn python programming language and this platform gave me an opportunity to learn what I love too though it's totally new for me but I believe and hope that I'll surely be good at python language soon and the all the credit will be surely to this instituted. Hoping to learn more and achieve my goal . Thank you so much πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

A great institute. Quality training and teaching.Highly recommend this institute.

I have learned many things like Data type etc etc..It was a good experience for me.

Experienced, professional trainers who offer their guidance and assistance every step of the way. Overall, a very positive experience. I will recommend this institute for Training and Internship.

Teachers are very friendly and are Experienced and highly skillful

Emerging tech entrepreneurs of Assam, I highly recommend this to every tech enthusiasts.

I don't have any knowledge in the field of web application and penetration testing . But after joining this academy,πŸ˜„ I learn besic and advance things that are new to me😌. I hope I will learn more about in this sector. I loved the teaching style of sir Nabajit borah & Lakshya sirπŸ˜„