Course Description

Welcome to the Android with Java course. This course provides a series of codelabs that lead you through the fundamentals of building Android apps using Java.

Course Objective

• Layouts:
     In this section user will learn to place layouts on page to create image, button and text on phone screen. (Android Studion Installation and Overview Of IDE).
• Grouping layout together:      Grouping views in view group, different type of view group will be covered.
• Interact with app:
     Button click, finding resource, changing text via code, Toast and many other fundamental concept(Class, Object, Constructor) will be cover.
• Intent And Activities
• View Recycling
     List, Adapter, Array, Loop, ArrayList, Activity Lifecycle
• Audio
     Media player class, States of media player, deep dive into focous and non focous audio to implement you type behaviour so on a important notification or call
     you can pause or decrease sound of audio observing behaviour.
• Networking (Optional)
     Learn about json data, how android communicate over internet, Networking, Threads, Preferences
     Fetching data from an API
     Using an AsyncTask
     Parsing a JSON response
     Creating a list based on that data and displaying it to the user.
• Database(Offline) (Optional)
     with sqlite various other topic will be covered here like Content provider, cursorloader.
• Firebase:
     Firebase Auth, Real time database
     Project(Basic Chat App Like whatsapp)
     Optional Firebase UI, Firebase Storage.