Course Description

TSE's CYBER CITIZEN certification program is designed to make citizens thoughtful, ethical and smart in the virtual life space. The curriculum will keep them up to date with online identity and privacy. This certification program is the knowledge and practice of maximizing one's digital safety and minimizing the online security risk.

Who Can Join?

• Citizens inclined towards there cyber safety and education, Citizen concern about their kid's online safety
• Any one can JOIN for this Professional Certification Program

Topics to be covered

• Cyber ethics
• How hackers gain your information
• What is Identity theft
• Safe guarding your digital devices in the INTERNET
• Smart Password Policies
• Securing Social Media accounts(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Whats App, Instagram)
• Mobile phone Security
• Safeguarding your home / office's WiFi network
• Securing your cloud accounts
• How safe is your Net Banking/Debit/Credit/UPI / Payment Wallets
• How criminals takeover your payment cards and wallets
• Safeguarding your digital documents
• How to get rid of digital fraudsters
• How to keep eyes on your kids online activities