Course Description

We provide hands-on exercises to learn web penetration testing and web security. We teach how to manually find and exploit vulnerabilities. You will understand the root cause of the problems and the methods that can be used to exploit them. Our exercises are based on common vulnerabilities found in different systems. The issues are not emulated. We provide you real systems with real vulnerabilities.

Course Objective

• Introduction to secure webdevelopment.
• Basics of PHP & HTML, Jquery,Ajax and other open source framework
• Customization of open source frameworks and security testing
• How to make you product hackproof.
• Test your own application for vulnerabilities.
• Introduction to web security architecture.
• Importance of security.
• Listing different vulnerabilities.
• OWASP Top 10.
• Implementation of OWASP Top 10 by using different frameworks.
• Configuring Owasp ZAP attack proxy.
• Installation and pentesting using DVWA & Burpsuit.
• Develop your custom application & attack it with OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities.
• Patching of loopholes and security code implementation.