Course Description

Design, create, and deploy a fun IoT device using Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. This Specialization covers embedded systems, the Raspberry Pi Platform, or the Arduino environment for building devices that can control the physical world. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply the skills you learned by designing, building, and testing a microcontroller-based embedded system, producing a unique final project suitable for showcasing to future employers.

Course Objective

• INTRODUCTION- includes Simple coding and basic understanding of the ckts and hardware and Sensors and all the concepts required to understand hardware architecture and compilers- 2 days (approx. 10 hrs)
• DESIGNING- Ckt and minimization of the hardware Complexity -1day(approx. 4 hrs)
• Bluetooth App design and Receiving the Transmitted data in Serial Monitor- 1day(approx. 5 hrs)
• Different Types of Gas sensors- 1 day(approx. 4 hrs)
• Basic of SQL, PHP and Python- 3 days(approx. 12 hrs)
• RFID based Security System – 2 days(approx. 8 hrs)
• GSM module basics -2 day(approx. 8 hrs)
• GPS neo 6M module basics -1 day(approx.. 5 hrs)
• ESP 8266 wifi module- 1 day(approx. 4 hrs)
• FingurePrint Sensor Module 1day(5 hrs)
• Projects Assignment and Introduction to Raspberry Pi and FM radio- 1 day(approx. 5 hrs)
• Working with PIR Sensors and Thus making a Home Security System - 1day(approx. 5 hrs)
• Project Submission