Course Description

Certified network penetration testing training focuses on finding out flaws in a network and actually exploiting them with the help of Kali linux and Metasploit. A penetration testing is a process of evaluating an organizational IT infrastructure by exploiting vulnerabilities that may exist in an operating system, service or application loop holes. These assessments are done by organizations to evaluate the defense mechanism of the IT infrastructure. In the Certified network penetration testing training one will learn how to carry out a successful penetration test which actually mimics the real world attack and generate a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing report for the organization.
Learning the skills from the best professional white hat hackers and using the most updated tools will make you industry ready.

Topics to be covered

• Pentesting Routers
• Attacking SSH with Metasploit, Nmap, Medusa, Hydra, Ncrack
• SNMP attacks
• Bypassing Firewalls
• Payloads and Shells
• HTTP/HTTPS tunneling
• Port Forwaring, Pivoting, Reverse Connects
• Privilege Escalation and UAC bypass
• Hash Dumping and Mimikatz
• Windows Sessions, Stations and Desktops
• Impersonation attacks
• WMIC post exploitation
• Hidden bind shells
• Bitsadmin
• Browser Password Recovery
• PAC Attacks
• DNS Poisoning
• Veil Framework and AV Evasion
• Metasploit Loader 32/64-bit
• DLL Hijacking basics
• DLL Hijacking and Meterpreter
• Privilege Escalation via DLL Hijacking
• DLL Injection using Appinit_DLLs
• Stripping Manifest Files for DLL Hijacking
• Attacking with DLL Forwarding
• Anti-Forensics techniques
• Memory Dumping and Analysis