Course Description

The Web Application Exploitation & Penetration Testing course (WAEPT) is an offline training course that provides all the advanced skills necessary to carry out a thorough and professional penetration test against modern web applications.
Extensive use of our Lab and the coverage of the latest research in the web application security field, the WAEPT course is not only the most practical training course on the subject but also the most up to date. Practice Web App Exploitation & Penetration against a number of real world web applications!

Topics to be covered

• Course Introduction
• HTTP Set-Cookies with HTTPCookie
• Session ID
• SSL- Transport Layer Protection
• SSL MITM using Proxies
• File Extraction from HTTP Traffic
• Command Injection
• Command Injections-Filters
• Web to Shell on the Server
• Web Shell: PHP Meterpreter
• Web Shell: Netcat Reverse Connects
• Web Shell: Using Python, PHP etc.
• Getting Beyond Alert(XSS)
• XSS: Cross Site Scripting
• XSS via Event Handler Attributes
• File Upload Vulnerability Basics
• Beating Content-Type Check in File Uploads
• Bypassing Blacklists in File Upload
• Bypassing Blacklists using PHPx
• Bypassing Whitelists using double Extensions in File Uploads
• Defeating Get image size () Checks in File Uploads
• Null Byte Injection in File Uploads
• Exploiting File Uploads to get Meterpreter
• Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability Basics
• Exploiting RFI with Forced Extensions
• RFI to Meterpreter
• LFI Basics
• LFI with Directory Prepend
• Remote Code Execution with LFI and File Upload Vulnerability
• Unvalidated Redirects
• Encoding Redirect Params
• Open Redirects: Base64 Encoded Params
• Open Redirects: Beating Hash Checking
• Open Redirects: Hashing with Salt
• Securing Open Redirects
• Cross Site Request Forgery Basics
• Cross Site Request Forgery Trigger Tags
• CSRF Multi-Step Operation Handling
• Mitigating CSRF with Tokens
• CSRF and XSS
• CSRF Token Bypass with Hidden Iframes
• Insecure Direct Object Reference
• Insecure Direct Object Reference (Burp Demo)